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Who Is Rescue Ready

We are a team of Firefighters, Dads, Moms, Engineers and Entrepreneurs determined to provide you and your family with a practical and realistic means of escape from the modern house fire, or any other life-threatening situation in your home.

We set out on a journey to provide families with fire escape ladders that made sense. With over 25 years of combined service with Norfolk Fire-Rescue in Norfolk, VA, we have seen what works, and unfortunately seen what doesn’t.

We hope that our products will provide you with a sense of security and confidence when it comes to fire safety. Please get involved, embrace the conversation, and allow us to help you prepare your house for a worst-case scenario!

Our Team

  • Eric Hartsfield  –  Co-Founder
  • Brett Russell  –  Co-Founder
  •  Willy Donaldson – Lead Advisor
  • Francis Harris – Lead Engineer
  • Evan Kidd – Videographer/Creative