Rescue Ready RetroFit Fire Escape Ladder

It’s WHERE you want it

WHEN you need it most.

About the Ladder – Assembled and sewn in the USA

  • Each ladder is assembled and sewn in the USA
  • Rescue Ready RetroFit has an adjustable length, so the ladder fits most windows. If the standard option doesn’t fit, contact us for custom options. 
  • The ladder features an adjustable first-rung height.
  • The ladders are made from durable 5052 aluminum and polyester webbing.
  • Rescue Ready ladders are quality tested to meet and exceed ASTM Standard F2175.
  • Engineered standoffs keep the rung set off the building. This allows a place for your hands and feet to rest, providing an easier descent.
  • The Anti-Slip rungs provide secure footing.
  • Rescue Ready RetroFit is secured to the structural components of your home.
  • Easy Installation!  If you can install a flat-screen TV, you can install the ladder and its hardware. The ladder comes with all the required hardware.
  • Rescue Ready RetroFit fits most egress windows.
  • The decorative wood cover integrates into the existing window trim with an aesthetically pleasing design. 
  • Rescue Ready RetroFit will always be WHERE you want it, WHEN you need it most…and look great when not in use.


About the Cover – Made in the USA by FIREFIGHTERS

  • Every cover is handmade in Norfolk, Virginia, by both active and retired firefighters.
  • Each cover is made out of high-quality cabinet-grade plywood.
  • Covers have a coat of primer applied and can be painted to match any existing window trim.
  • Rescue Ready covers are durable enough to withstand normal wear and tear associated with bedrooms, but light enough to be easily removed in the case of an emergency.